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fiesta MKVI intermittent central locking issue


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I am hoping someone can give me some pointers in what the issue could be and approximate cost of fixing so that I am armed with this information when booking the car in to get fixed.

I am having an intermittent problem with the central locking on the passenger door as sometimes when unlocking the car with the remote the passenger door does not unlock and I have to pull the handle on the inside to let anyone in.  There is never an issue when using the remote to lock the car with both doors always locking.  

Any ideas on what the problem could be and cost to fix?  

Any advice is greatly appreciated:)

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when you say it does not unlock, does it seem to try - like any noise - or do you see the inside handle twitch.  If so then I would say it needs interior door panel taking off and and some bits oiling where the joints/pivots etc have got stiff. 

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Hi, apologies for not responding sooner


The passenger door makes no noise and there is no movement from the handle.  Now 99.9% of the time the passenger door is not unlocking with the central locking but when using the central locking to lock the car it works every time.

It would be really useful to get some tips as the car is booked into a garage in October but I think the mechanic was going to replace the central locking and I am not sure if this is what is required?  

Can it be the case that the central locking is knackered but it still will allow the car to lock???


Any help is appreciated:)

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