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Mk6 pre-facelift radio aux question


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I know that there were two CD stereos that came with the Mk6 pre-facelift:

4500 RDS E.O.N.

6006 RDS E.O.N.

l know it has been long established that there's no aux input on these, but on the 6006 there is a 16-pin connector (2 rows of 8).  The stereo has no AUX button, but the connector looks very much like this: https://www.amazon.com/Factory-Connector-Adapter-Explorer-Non-Navigation/dp/B01IXW94IA

I Googled the Ford F150 stereo and it looks very similar to the Fiesta triple deck units, but with an Aux button. 

My guess is that it's the same unit with the aux disabled (or added as a feature later).

Does anyone know what the 16-pin connector on the back of the 6006 is? If l can get it working, it'll save me replacing the stereo!



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I don't know the answer to your question, but a few months ago on this forum someone showed where to solder some wires on the circuit board inside your stereo to add an aux socket.

This was quote innovative in that what it was doing was adding an extra input into the CD part of the stereo so that the aux input worked when you were playing a cd.  This meant you needed to burn a silent CD on your PC to put in the CD drive to play so that you could feed music into the aux input and hear it.

Quite a clever idea and can be done at a very small cost if you don't mind accessing the circuit board in your stereo and can use a soldering iron. 

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Yeah, I've seen that too. Quite clever, but not the most sophisticated solution.

Just wondered, because I can probably make up a cable if the connector is just aux.

That connector must be there for a reason!

In my Alfa Romeo 147, I was able to source a had unit from the last model GTs, which did have aux. A bit of messing about later and l can send anything through my head unit and it's great!

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