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focus cc2 roof and window problems


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Hello to all members.

I have recently purchased a ford focus cc2 which strangely has some cc3 parts too. It is a late 2008 model so I am guessing this would be why the car has attributes from both models.

The problem I am having with this car is relating to the windows and roof not working as they should. Some weeks ago the battery ran flat and I have recently replaced the rear Speakers in the back seat side panels. I did notice there was nothing visable to do with the rear windows when the Speakers were replaced. Genuine original Speakers were simply swapped over for a straight forward replacement so I don't think this would have caused problems with the rear windows or roof.

The problem I now face is the rear windows will drop only an inch or 2 when the switch is pressed and the switch needs to be released and re-pressed to drop it a further inch or 2. This is the same on both sides and the same when putting the windows back up. The other problem is with the electric roof not always working. There is a problem with the windows dropping to allow the roof to go back and when the roof is back it was a panic for 2 hours trying to convince it to go back up. Drivers door and passenger door windows work exactly as they should after performing the switch holding reset method but rear windows and roof still refuse to work properly. 

Please if anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated. I know the colder weather is upon us but owning a convertable car where I am too scared to lower the roof really defeats the object.

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