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Brakes make weird noise and slip


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Prior to an upgrade in power to the car I installed a pair of EBC Ultimax Brakes and EBC YellowStuff pads. Recently they started to have some weird symptoms.

1. When i brake from let's say 60mph there is like a hard woosh sound (sounds rigid and it's coming from the right side)

2. I once had to brake hard because a knucklehead did not gave me priority and on the right side it felt like it was slipping.


Prior to this i did the following:

1. Changed the brake fluid pipe coming from the ABS modulator to the right side brakes.

2. Changed the brake fluid before putting the new discs on.

3. Changed the slider pins and added new lubricant to them.

Something is not working as it should. Any thoughts ?


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Hello TomsFocus! Thank you for the reply.

The pads are 2k miles, will check if the friction material detached, tomorrow.

One more thing...just after i posted this message, i did a diagnostics check on the car and it came up with  U0415:68-48 - Invalid data received from ABS Control Module. Weird...


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isn't there something special about bleeding brakes with ABS where you have to plug something in the diagnostic OBD port and tell it to open the valves in the ABS pump thing?  I have never bled brakes on ABS cars but I thought I had read something about this on the fiesta or focus forum. I don't think I imagined it.

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Sorry for the late update. The pads are ok, discs look very good!

On the ABS side of things I do get a U0415:68-48 (or :68-A0) saying that "Invalid data received from ABS Control Module" and in ForScan when streaming live data there is a ABSTCVVS (ABS Traction Control Valves - Valve Supply) that goes from ON to OFF then back to ON .....and it keeps doing this.

Could the ABS CM be faulty ?

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