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EAC Fail mk6 (04) Fiesta


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I get the EAC fail occasionally (maybe once per week/fortnight) and the car goes in limp home mode.  I immediately turn the ignition on again (while the car is still moving) and the error is cleared and the car is back to normal.

I just had it MOTD and it didn’t even get an advisory it passed with flying colours 😀.  It’s a great little car and has never let me down but it’s now time to find it a new home but I don’t want to sell it with the EAC error as this wouldn’t be nice for the new owner and is potentially dangerous.

I have read that this problem can be a number of things and I’m wondering if someone here knows for sure what my cars problem is from the information.

I did replace the coil pack a couple of years ago (no4 misfire) and believe the problem could be related.


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At least you're being honest about wanting to fix the fault before selling. Many others would hope an intermittent fault wouldn't appear on a test drive and leave the new owner stung. 

Did you replace the coil pack with a genuine one or cheap eBay one?

My first step would be to get Forscan and read any codes. It should log at least one when it goes into limp mode. Might be best clearing them first and waiting for the fault to happen again so you're not getting confused by old ones.

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The coil pack it a genuine one as far s I remember.  The problem is it rarely happens and when it does it clears when restarting the car.  I might just get rid and mention the fault, maybe someone who knows what they are doing can make a few bob on the car.  It doesn’t really owe me anything anyway.

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On 9/27/2018 at 10:55 PM, Madchester said:

Someone I know thinks it needs a new throttle body, he’s not actually had a look though.

you can take the throttle body off and give it a good clean yourself, might work, remember to disconnect the battery because it could take your finger off if it snaps closed lol

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