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Mountune induction kit queries

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Hi all,

Some help is needed on this so I appreciate any advice and comments.

I have a ‘16 140 Red Edition that I’m finally looking at upgrading bits and pieces. Done a couple of asthetical changes here and there but now looking towards the engine.

Done a bit of research and probably going to go with Mountune. Now, here’s were I need help. 

Looking at the ‘Charge Pipe Upgrade kit’ - can someone explain the need of the hard pipe and whether or not I would need to use this with the induction kit. I would also buy the recommended hose clamps too.

Ive also seen some comments in regards to the panel filter (looking at K&N).

I know these aren’t huge engine changes but you’ve got to start somewhere right?!



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If you’re only doing bits and pieces and not a kit then I suggest you get the ST200 airbox. Same design as Mountune but plastic and cheaper. If you do buy the Mountune it comes with the K&N filter  

The charge pipe upgrade kit is the hoses to/from the intercooler. Recommended if you upgrade your intercooler. The hard pipe supposedly reduces the pressure drop as there is no flex and a resonator delete. 

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