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09 Titanium Bluetooth Troubles


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Hi guys!

I realise this topic has been beaten to death over the web, however none of the answers seemingly apply (or at least work) for the issue I'm having. 
I recently bought my first car, a 3 door 1.4l blue 09 Titanium (and absolutely loving it). However, I'm having difficulty working out some of the connectivity functions. 

I've been able to play music from my phone via the AUX line in input, however when it comes to bluetooth, it seems impossible. The bluetooth is able to pair with the stereo and it happily plays incoming/outgoing calls, however audio is impossible. To try and fix this, I've been through the process of attempting an update on the stereo via the USB input, however the update starts and then immediately fails (I've tried multiple USB drives and the same occurs). I've tried other phones and the same story occurs.

I will happily buy a new stereo, however this seems to be somewhat difficult since it requires a specific facade and I don't really want to waste £130+.

Furthermore, the USB output only charges on a coin flip and I can't work out why. I've recently replaced the USB input so I know it isn't the fault of the port. Perhaps this is related?

I've learnt that Ford dealerships are a more than a bit rubbish when it comes to helping with this kind of issue, even with the prospect of me buying a new stereo or bluetooth module through them.

ANY help would be massively appreciated and sorry if this issue is a recurring theme!

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So I checked my notes from when I upgraded my last car...

·         Replace bluetooth module with part number 8M5T-19C112-AM or later

·         I used 8M5T-19C112-AN when I upgraded my last car

·         When using second hand module, donor car model should match target (e.g. fiesta - > fiesta). Might not be hugely important, but I found this bit in my notes. 

·         Update display (FDIM), audio (ACM) via IDS if required  

·         Get car-config using IDS or forscan   

·         Change USB Accessory Unit (byte 154) to With USB Unit and iPod function (04)

·         bluetooth Handsfree (byte 157) to BT/VC Phone Interface + USB connect (05)  

·         Upload car config back to car

Hope that helps. 

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