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LED Fog Lamp Question


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Hi all.

I currently have a 2013 Fiesta Titanium, and I'm about to order a new one. (I'm not sure what 'mark' the new one will be, but it's the one currently marketed as 'All-New Fiesta' by Ford. Mk.8?)

The new one to be ordered will be a fairly high spec Titanium, with factory fitted LED headlamps, but looking through the brochure it seems that, despite the LED headlamps, the car retains halogen fog lamps. I'm thinking of just making all the front lights 'look the same', as it were, but is there any valid reason why the fogs should be left as halogen?

If there is no reason, has anyone any info on whether these are aftermarket-upgradable to LED fog lamps, and if so what LED replacement bulbs would be compatible?

I have seen a video on replacing the fog lamps in an ST, (https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/collections/mk8-fiesta/products/enhanced-edition-led-h8-11-fog-unit), but the ST fog lamps are a completely different shape to those on Titaniums.



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Principles of swapping to aftermarket LED Bulbs are similar for most vehicles, you just need to make sure you get the right bulb style. 

Personally I wouldn’t bother changing the fogs to LED as they are rubbish in the fog, which is the only time you should be using them. LEDs reflect the fog terribly making vision even worse not better.

have a look at Autobeam as I believe they have some fog lamp bulbs that are 2 different colours. Bright white for ‘show/off road’ use and in the fog you can actually switch them to yellow which will actually help in the fog.

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Thanks Jon.

I will take your advice about not changing them, then, because of the reflection issue. I certainly don't intend using fog lights when it's not foggy, and to be honest I can't remember ever using the ones on my current car in the four years I've had it. I was just trying to be neat and make everything match.

Can I assume that LED equivalents of PY21W & WY5W indicator bulbs would straightforward plug-in replacements?

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