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Airtec Induction Kit - Help?


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I've put an airtec stage 2 filter and primary induction hose on a ford fiesta 1l ecoboost. When testing it I don't seem to be getting the "pshhh" noise from the filter when sucking in the air? I've taken it for a drive and the blow off noise is very loud but no real induction "pshhh" noise from the filter. Also when stationary and reving the car, there's no real induction noise from the filter

Is there possibly a problem or will I need to purchase the secondary induction hose to be able to get the "pshhh" noise from the filter? 

Thanks in advance.


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Under load, you wouldn't get a "pshhh" noise.  You would get a deeper tone, possibly hear spool, but with it being a small low pressure turbo, i doubt there would be much spool noise to hear.  All you will get is the noise when you come off the power, the "choww" as it were. 

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