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Revo Dealer refuses re-remap after Recall


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I'll do a quick bit of backstory to get you up to speed, but I called a revo dealer today hoping to get my Stage 1 Remap put back onto the car after the recall for coolant removed it.

For reference I have a 2014 Fiesta ST which just fell into the recall bracket, meaning sensors for the coolant and a reset to the software, wiping the map.

  • Nov 2017 - Purchase seemingly "stock" car as I had no prior experience with the ST. 
  • Jan 2018 - P006A error and notice a receipt in the car for a Stage 1 Revo remap
  • Jan 2018 - Remove universal cone filter and replace with airbox to remove error
  • Jul 2018 - Give the car a service and garage notifies me it's been decatted. Bit of back and fourth and dealer agrees to pay for cat, I pay for manhours.
  • Aug 2018 - Dyno the car and Dynoguy says the intercooler doesn't look stock, and I had suspected it wasn't
  • Sept 2018 - Recall for the car and notice a power loss, look into getting map back
  • Sept 2018 - Contact Revo briefly and they say an approved dealer can put it back on as I have the receipt. 

So now today I've called a Revo dealer that also do Fords (Seemingly rare in the southwest) and they found my car on the system - Turns out in 2016 it had a Stage 2 remap which explains the other bits (But I suspect the previous owner changed the exhaust back and put a bad cone filter on to get more £££) And as I've changed the filter and Exhaust, it would cost the full amount for a stage 2. Now I can understand that, so I said I've got the receipt for stage 1 which is just software. I can pay for the manhours (All of 5 minutes work, but charged by the hour) to put it back on because as it's software, surely that's been paid for? But again...because I've modified the car, I'd have to pay the full amount again. 

Now please correct me if I'm in the wrong here, but the only people buying these remaps are surely the only ones that change bits in their car....and you're going to refuse ANY sort of help afterwards if they change it? What a joke. I acknowledge that if I had changed the car to wipe the map, then I am at fault, but the map is only missing because of a Ford recall, and they still expect me to pay FULL price for software that's already been bought. 

Imagine if you had to pay for MS Word again because your laptop updated. 

Any thoughts?

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15 hours ago, I'mAnExpertTrustMe said:

Imagine if you had to pay for MS Word again because your laptop updated. 

Any thoughts?

It's not that simple...  It's more like paying for Word 2018 when you lost Word 2016, that you didn't even pay for as it came on a used laptop.  The map needs to be changed to include the recall software, there would be absolutely no point putting your old map back on as it wouldn't include the recall stuff.

I do agree that you shouldn't have to pay full price for it, but as Stoney says, if you weren't the original buyer then I don't think you have any legal rights there.

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