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Light upgrades


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I’m thinking about changing my stock bulbs. I’ve seen a lot online about LED replacements. Are these a good upgrade or are super bright “normal” bulbs just as good?

Also drove a c-max courtesy car the other day and the footwell lights stayed on. How do you make the Focus mk2.5 footwell lights stay on? 


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LED is definitely the way forward. Just don't get cheap Chinese ones as they last about 5 minutes.

I'm not sure you can get the footwell lights to stay on without changing the wiring or adding some new ones. I would imagine it could be a bit distracting at night though with them on permanently.

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super bright xenon gas filled conventional bulbs are total waste of space, just about better than stock and on a focus pop before you get to the end of the road

LED ones are illegal, last properly, won't pass an MOT, will upset your insurer, but work as good as a decent set of xenon's

good ones don't dazzle at all, so its all rather stupid... I get issues from std LED lights (particularly jag, audi, merc, toyota and BM) being stupidly bight as they make a sharp turn coming towards you, which isn''t the case with those in a mates focus.... not a single car has flashed us in 12 months of use.  I'd only use one company



and a decent set of sidelight ones to go with them




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