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Trip computer mileage fluctuations

Silver Comet

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Hi all, hope this is the right place to post.

I've had a MK2 focus for a few years, been generally happy with it. After a long weekend of chores I got home last night with exactly 50 miles left on the trip computer thing.

Not ideal but I had a 25 mile (24.7 to be exact) trip first thing so decided that was fine and I'd just fill it up when I left work as we have a station about a mile away.

Coming off the motorway the mileage was dead on, 22 miles used on a 22 mile stretch. The weird thing is that in the city, at 6am with no traffic and no red lights so no stops, it went from 28 miles left to 9 in the space of 2.7 miles.

I went to the petrol station instead of work as was worried during rush hour at that rate it wouldn't make it, and arrived with still 9 miles left. I sat in the car for 10 minutes until station opened, no engine running. When I turned it back on, the trip computer showed 0 miles remaining.

This may seem stupid to ask, as I know these things are very inaccurate but this seems extreme even so. My MPG is supposedly 40.1 which as I work in the city and live in the countryside I'm happy with.

Could I have an engine fault? Or a brake fault? I've felt nothing like a sticky brake, or is this just normal and I should completely ignore it? It feels like the fuel usage backs it up.

Not a fan of doubling my mileage 😂.

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different brand car but the stupid range display turns off with 40 miles to go and only displays a red fuel pump....

I asked if they can kill this and leave the display to empty reading which is very useful (rather than something utterly useless...) they can't, but they did turn on a previously hidden digital "tank fill level" reading I can scroll too.  But it wobbles about more than you'd expect.... 

the other day the separate low level light had been on for a few miles, so I toggled to tank level whilst driving on a smooth flat road at a constant speed to find it reading 0.0 gallons... thinking opps better drive slowly to a fuel station, went round a corner up and down a small slope back on the flat at constant speed I now had 0.9 gallons which shortly went up to 1.0 gallon....

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