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Water in the boot


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Usually, any sort of water in the boot is going to be a tailgate seal.  If not that, check the roof lining for damp patches and make sure your rear washer is working properly.

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The rear light don't have any seals, they just fit into the holes then tighten up and any water running down the inside of the rear wings should run past them.

Check to make sure the water does run past them by pouring some down the inside of the rear wings and then check under the car to see if the water runs out, if not make sure there's no blockages around the bottom of the hatch area,

Do you get the leaks after driving in rain/ after washing car/ all the time even when it's dry on the roads?

Does the water look and smell clean?

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Boot seals, lamp unit seals, vents underneath bumper and also the sealant that is used to cover the join between the side and roof panels is known to crack on older vehicles allowing water in.

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