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Saw one in the dealers when I was there a few weeks ago, not much taller than the normal fiesta, which I expected it to be a bit more suv ish, also seen one on the road, which looked nice, though weather it’s worth paying the extra for a few mm in height and a bit of black plastic on the wheel arches I don’t know, it’s exactly the same as a fiesta on the inside, at the end of the day it’s up to you, I guess a test drive might help you decide..

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Take a look at the review on Autocar's website, which is pretty positive. Basically they say you get all the normal Fiesta plus points with a slightly softer ride, more ground clearance on poor surfaces, and a bit easier entry, which is a benefit if you're getting a bit creaky. The looks are a personal thing of course, I quite like it. It is also a further way to get the 140ps ecoboost without going for the firmer suspension of the ST-Line or the leather and bits in the pricier Vignale.

Not had a drive in one but one of my neighbours has recently swapped her Mk 7.5 Titanium X (before which she had a string of MINIs) for one, and seems pleased with it.

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