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Acceleration Issues/Limp Mode! Help!!


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Hi all, 

Over the last week, my '06 Focus Titanium 2L Diesel has had an issue of struggling to accelerate and in-turn, putting itself into Limp Mode (I believe!).

Essentially - what I am seeing is - when I gradually increase revs (say when in gear) it will go up to about 3,200 revs, hold back and then cap me at around 3,000. However, if I am out of gear and sharply press the accelerator - the car will red line. 

For the first few days - I wasn't getting any Engine Check lights and the car would sometimes limit revs to 3,000 but also during the same drive, it would also allow me to go sailing past 3,000 revs without turning the engine off and then back on. 

With that said - I have plugged in a cheap code reader and got the following out:

My turbo was cleaned about 6 months ago and I have replaced the 'boost' sensor due to the above codes - but I'm not really a fan of chucking parts at an issue to see what works. 

Any ideas would help tremendously! 


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