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2013 Fiesta SE  1.6 Fastback. 43,000 Miles. 5 years since bought new. Which type and Brand of coolant. Is Prestone Cor-Guard right? I just noticed it says mixes with all types, so I don't think so. The original coolant looks very clear. I only get .07 VDC from the coolant to ground, so do not think there is and electrolysis problem. Ford says change coolant every 100,000 miles, but it's been in there 5 years.

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not sure on the fords coolant intervals in your country , but in the uk its 10 years the change interval on fiesta 2013. ford coolant is a very pale pink/orange colour. have it tested at a garage for its strength. from new the cars come out the factorys with a freezing point of around -30c ( -22f) 

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