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Removing PCM from Mk 1 Focus


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So i've got a dilemma, I've got to the PCM for a Mk 1 Focus, but the cabling has a metal guard around it with a rivet in the end, the cabling is too tight to force the PCM out of it's bracket, and I have no way of removing the rivet with it in it's current location, so how the hell am I meant to get it off. I'm trying to check the part number on it to compare it to a new set of locks ect i'm planning to buy off eBay since I'm going through a key about every 2 years.

I managed to get an image of a sticker on the top of the PCM that appears to have part of a part code.



This is the part code of what is the replacement parts-l1600.thumb.jpg.db6865c1664dd344cf253375f8d8fbea.jpg


The first is from my 2002 1.8 TDCI and the replacement has come off a 2003 1.8 TDCI, I don't know whether there is enough information on the sticker I could get to to check, or if I need to find a way to fully remove it.

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