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engine systems fault 2006 1.8tdi


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im sure this has been a topic on here a lot and ive read a good few of them, my problem is, i still cant find my problem.

ok, the little red light just left of the speedo comes on and it says engine systems fault, when this happens the car looses all its power and even though its not quite in limp mode

it does slow a lot. it will go off after a while but soon comes back on, if you stop with the light off and the car is running well, it will come back on once the car is started again.

the things i have done, ive checked for fault codes and none was found.

ive checked and cleaned the egr valve, also drove with it disconnected and the fault will correct its self and then come back on again just like it does when the egr is connected.

what i have also done is looked at the hidden check list in the menu and it does say the engine temp is 120 degree C but the guage says its half way and on the live data it says 84 degree C.

could this difference in temps be a problem that could be causing my intermittent fault???

has anyone had this same problem and managed to solve it?

once the light goes out it drives really well till the light comes back on.

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hi, im still having this problem, there is no codes and nobody knows what to do...... ive changed the egr valve now and looked for a bad connection, 

alsdo checked all the wires for broken or rubbing but still the problem persists.......

please HELP!!!!! lol

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ok ive managed to solve my problem and even though there was no fault codes, i managed to narrow it down to a set of faulty glow plugs.

i would have thought they would have put a fault code up but nothing.

when i took out the glow plugs i tested them but not one worked,

but still NO fault codes logged.

hope this helps anyone else with simalar problems.

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