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Ford Fiesta Metal (2012) Stereo Upgrade (Bluetooth)


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Hi All, 

Just a quick one.

I am looking to buy a 2012 Ford Fiesta Metal. 

The majority of the models do not come with bluetooth as part of the stereo kit.

I have been trying to do some research online to see if i can buy an upgraded Ford Stereo which has integrated bluetooth but have not had much luck. 

I need the bluetooth for phone calls and playing music whilst driving. 

Does anyone know if this upgrade is available? 

Many thanks in advance!


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I swear I've replied to this before.

Anyway, it would make more sense to buy a car with bluetooth already in. The Metal isn't really a popular option in the UK, but the ones I've seen do have bluetooth built in. Are you sure it definately doesn't have it?

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Thanks for coming back to me mate. 

Most of them haven't got bluetooth built in but i have found one which is more expensive but has the bluetooth built in. 

What fiesta model would you recommend? Not looking to spend anymore than 8k at max with decent mileage. 

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The spec levels go from Studio/style > zetec > titanium > titanium x ~ zetec s (ST-Line) > ST. Personally wouldn't get less than a zetec. Those come with alloys, aircon, nicer seats and Sync (bluetooth) as standard. At least on the facelift models that is.

You could get a 2014 1.0L ecoboost titanium for less than £8k with less than 30k on the clock. Is it a facelift you're after? A pre facelift 1.4 with less than 60k ranges from £4.5k to £5.5k depending on milage and optional extras.

Same story with the zetec s. Pre facelift (1.6 Petrol) £5250 to £6k. Whilst a 1.0L ecoboosts facelift red edition can be found for £8k. These are the sportiest and most desirable one of the lot with the bodykit and 140ps variant of the 1.0L.

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