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Coolant level low


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Hi all,

I posted a few days ago about my 63 plate Ecoboost not starting. 30 faults in total kept wiping them same happened again. A few days later it started fine and there has been no issues since. Electrician thinks water got in somewhere as it happened in a really bad storm. He has sealed up all the connections.

Since getting back though I’ve given it a once over and noticed my coolant is low. I topped in up about 6 months or more ago. But it’s definitely dropped. I’ve checked the radiator - no bubbling. No obvious head gasket signs. I can’t see any signs of coolant leaks either. It’s done 50k and it was bought at 23k, that’s over 2 years. I’ve definitely topped it up in that time at least once. 

Does anyone know of any common problems this model has? 

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I had same problem with my 03 1.2 fiesta zetec se. What had happened is the water tank for coolent had a tiny crack init and also some of the pipes from it had perished. Then the engine had a rattle to it. The car ran until it warmed up then would cut out and go into limp mode. Managed to drive it to the garage and they said as it wasn't getting enough coolent it had damaged the low end bearing and that could result in the head gasket failing. Maybe yours has done the same. 

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Just warning you now that you will probably read that the ecoboosts had a lot of coolant issues causing engine failures with the early models. However those were a sudden loss of coolant after a hose split causing the engine to overheat and cook itself. Losing a bit of coolant over 25k miles is nowhere near that.

The expansion tank can sometimes get a hairline crack. Sadly it's one of those things where you just have to keep inspecting and keeping ontop of the levels.

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Thank you 🙂, I’ll keep a close eye on it hopefully it will show up soon. She really doesn’t want to play ball though. All the faults are back again! 

Cylinder misfires the lot, but she runs smooth.

codes are:












let me know if you guys have any ideas, it’s driving me insane

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