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Bonnet Dent Repair Cost?


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Seen this car for sale locally at a low price, the main issue is these bonnet dents.  I'd usually just swap a bonnet but there are only 2 panther black Mk3 ones on eBay and both are scratched/scuffed anyway.  Anyone know if this is repairable (bearing in mind the bonnet is double skinned) and how much it'd cost roughly? 


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10 hours ago, mastachaz said:

must be more dent only bonnet , new bonnet will be around 200 ? so no way to fix it on that price.



I'm not sure how it happened tbh, the bumper looks alright though.  Where can you get a new bonnet in the correct colour for £200?  I'm seeing £300+ on eBay.

10 hours ago, pragmatix said:

Think it will need more than that.

Reckon it's not repairable at all?  Tbh I'm thinking about getting a bonnet bra to just cover it up for now lol.

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6 hours ago, mastachaz said:

ebay gumtree etc.


Got a link?  Only one I can find is this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-2011-2017-BONNET-PAINTED-ANY-COLOUR/122491846867?hash=item1c851540d3:g:VM8AAOSw8lpZFWlN

I've got the car now.  Tbf it doesn't look too bad and the bonnet opens and closes fine but would like to sort it if I can.  It's slightly bent and touching the grill so won't be repairable.  Now looking for the cheapest way to replace... :smile:


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