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Starter won't turn.


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I just tried to start my car but nothing no click of a solenoid nothing. Had a friend put on some jump leads but still nothing. Any ideas where to go from here?

Stage 2 ignition photo supplied.



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Turns out the battery voltage is very low 9.5V! But I tried startling it with a booster pack at 12.6V to no avail. I bridged a wire in the fuse box from a live to the starter and it turned. Also I checked for voltage on the ignition switch input (from the relay input in the fuse box)

I reckon it may be something to do with the immobiliser.  Is there anyway to check if it is working? What is the red flashing light supposed to do if the immobiliser is recognised? Currently the light just blinks red slowly regardless of if I put the key in or turn it.


Thanks in advance.

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Took it to Ford they said it needs a new PCM. Sent it off to HDI tuning. It still doesn't work. The ground to the PCM from the starter relay isn't grounded. Maybe it's the immobiliser bit on the steering wheel. I'll order a new one.

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