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which oil recommendations

Mr Singh

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my dads friend has bought a 14 plate 1.0 fiesta titanium which has 100k miles, and everything seams in check as it appears its been all motorway miles

they went to  wigan to pick it up and i was told that the garage had to top the oil up. the oil that they put in was 10w30 semi synthetic, and i know that ford use 5w20 fully synthetic. i work for a jag dealer and jaguar used 5w20 oil in there early 5.0 litre V8s we were told that the owner can use 5w30 as a last resort but would advise an oil change asap as it may cause issues.

with his fiesta having 100,000 miles on the clock would it be wise to carry on using 5w20 or would a thicker oil be recommended.

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