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Lost instrument cluster, power steering while driving


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I have recently started having a problem with my 2011 Fiesta.

Several times now the car has seemingly lost power to the Instrument cluster (all the lights and gauges turn off except the airbag light). I also loose power steering and break assistance, and even the radio. When the problem occurs I cannot even use the hazard warning lights, although the engine seems to be running fine and the car can still be driven to a safe place to stop. Once I have turned the car off and restarted it everything is fine again and I can go on my way.

I do quite a lot of driving and the problem has occurred weekly almost like clockwork on my drive home from work.

I had the car looked at a few weeks ago and I was told that the alternator was shot and needed replacing, well that wasn't it as the problem has re-occurred this evening after having it replaced. 

I don't want to just plough more money into getting it diagnosed and fixed since it's about to reach the 90k miles mark so if anyone has seen anything like this before or has any suggestions I would be thankful otherwise its gonna have to go.

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Think I have got to the bottom of this, the battery originally tested fine but noticed when it was out of the car the voltage would drop to under 10v if it was tilted just a few degrees towards one of the terminals. I think there may be something causing a short in one of the cells intermittently. Have replaced it and will see if that solves the problem. 

Annoying to have replaced the alternator just to find out it was the battery all along if it turns out to be the case.

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