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heater controls

Denise 1975

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hi I'm new to fiestas

not sure if I have a problem with my heater, I fast heat up on 4 then turn it back to 3 and it doesn't stay warm so I end up back on 4 

do I have a problem or is just the way fiestas are?? 

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When posting a query, please give the Model / Year of your car at the outset.

I got a 2013 Fiesta from a family member. Years ago I was a Ford Escort Mk II owner, a sporty model with a slide-back sunroof and with spoilers front and rear. Loved that car. The heater was so simple to operate, with sliding levers.

I am disappointed by the heater control dial on the modern Fiesta. It is clumsy to operate as the dial which selects where to direct warm air stopped selecting this evening. I rotated the dial anti-clockwise, to select dash level warm air. After a few minutes I wanted to change it to my feet, but when I turned the dial clockwise, something caused the mechanism to fail. I heard the attempted clunk behind console, then the more I tried to rotate the dial clockwise, the more it wanted to spring back to the left.

Another post on thie website suggests that to fix this, two parts of the central console need removed. Then manual dexterity to reassemble with a wire of some sort, presumably on inadequate pulley-wheels.

When I have the courage and time (estimated 2 hours) to tackle this problem, I will do it and report back if this topic is not closed before then.

The large air direction selection dial may look pleasing but compared to older cars with simpler controls that worked well, the modern design sucks. I have man-sized hands. A frail lady or gentleman would have a lot of difficulty to turn the large heater selector dial - especially when the gear stick in forward position gets in the way.

Finally I am disappointed with the cheap plastic materials around the interior. 

A silver trim (on the driver's side air-vent fins) just came away in my fingers. It is another cheap bit of plastic.

A triangular plastic cover fell off the rear door when the door was shut with a bit of a push.

This is a pop-on component, the item fell off on several occasions when the door was swung shut.

Again I resorted to some glue to fit the plastic triangle near the rear quarter-light window.

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Denise, after a hectic weekend incl MoT success, I re-read your posting.
There is a YouTube video about this matter,

Go to

"Ford Fiesta Mk7 (2009) - Heater Blower Resistor fix"


- I hope this helps you see what needs doing. Needless to say you can seek help from your usual service person.

- from a Co Down driver.

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