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Strange Brake Discs


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on the left pic the pad is not touching the disc when you brake in the area where the orange rust is.  Not sure why that would be unless it is new pads and that pad has not yet bedded into the profile of the disc if the disc is unevenly worn (not dead flat going from centre to edge).

If it was mine and it does not have new pads and driving a few miles with a bit of braking does not remove the orange rust I might be tempted to take the pads out and inspect further.

Then again I might be too lazy to bother unless I could actually feel the brakes pulling the car to one side

Could it be that part of the disc where the orange rust appears is in poorer condition from someone running the previous pads down to the metal.

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or did someone put new discs on but not put new pads on (and the old pads have an uneven surface on from from where they bedded into previous uneven discs

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Best bet is to change discs and pads, the pad more than likely has a groove where one part of the pad will be raised compared to the other part of the pad.  Uneven break wear is what you getting and that's why you have a noise. As pragmatix says. it could be a seized calliper, if you're lucky it'll just be rubbish pads, but from my experience from the motor trade, it'll end up being a calliper.

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