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S-Max Buying advice - Please help

John Murphy

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for your help please. We're about to buy a 2016 S-Max, Titanium X, 178BHP in Auto. I believe these are a decent family car and we do need the seven seats. I just have some questions that I hope you guys can help with; Apart from the dealer telling me; how can I double check this car is the 178BHP version and not 150Bhp. Is there a info plate in the engine area or on a door pillar? What are the common faults I should look out for, before we pay for the car (we've only paid a deposit). The car has done 50K miles. Are there issues with the SYNC 2 system? Steering? It also has the panoramic roof. 

Any other advice would be appreciated, thanks folks.



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yes, we have the powershift gear box. So far it seems fine. Most reviews of it were positive, but I guess it comes down to driving style and luck, whether it's going to give trouble or not. 

Another thing I've noticed is that the height of the main beam lights could be higher and there is no way to adjust the height inside the car. We have the adaptive head lights, but I feel the lights are not raised high enough. I'm hoping there is a manual adjustment I can do under the bonnet. 

Thanks folks.


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I don't know much about the powershift boxes on the S-max, but should be the same as on the Mondeos. From what I have read, it is critical to have the oil and filter changed at the recomended interval, but it is NOT normally part of the regualr yearly service, so you would have to request it as an extra service.

TrevorB on the Talkford.com forums has extensive knowledge of these boxes so it might be worth searching/posting in there. Not sure if he's on here.

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