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Steering malfunction service now


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I am new to this but have been having a problem with my fiesta and looking to find if anybody had same issue and how it was fixed.

i have keyless entry and a couple of years ago I got into the car and when I tried to press button to start I had a message come up 'steering malfunction service now'.


I had an auto lockmith come and take a look and he managed to erase the fault code ( however code shown was unknown) and the car started again.


i did not get the issue again for another year and so called guy out again who did same and all was good again (small charge of about £25 to sort it)


However this year it has happened around 5-6 times and is now in Ford. They firstly could not get the dash to light up, no power but then have said they found some loose wiring in the column and were going to keep it over night to make sure it started next morning. However after not hearing from them we called and were told it has locked up again and that they are not sure what the problem is. The mechanic is now off until Monday so it will not be looked at again until then.


Anyone else had this problem and error message, and if so what did it end up being and at what cost?? Help!! ;o)

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Why call a locksmith to remove a fault code about steering? That's a bit like calling a plumber because you can't get the kitchen lights to turn on lol. You could also buy an adapter to clear the codes yourself for a lot less than £25. By clearing the code he really just masked over the fault without actually fixing it.

In all honesty you're best leaving it with the mechanic to sort. He will know better than all of us on here because he can check things for himself rather than playing a game of Chinese whispers.

What you describe may sound like a wiring issue, however without knowing the code it would be impossible to guess. Steering malfunction service now isn't much more useful than a regular engine management light coming on.

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Hi Luke


Know that sounded a little strange but we actually run a small garage ourselves but do not deal with electrics. We had the auto locksmith guy out as we knew him and he said he would take a look as it may be something he could fix, and for a short time did.

Problem is that although he did not fix it, he at least was able to get the car to start with his diagnostic. We have a diagnostic machine ourselves but unfortunately it requires the ignition to be on or it will not read the car.


Im guessing Ford had the same issue to start with as after it had been in there for 3 days they said they could not get the dash lit and we told them that we could get a guy out who could get it on within minutes, so I'm afraid they are not filling me with much confidence

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