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mk2/mk 2.5 1.6 TDCI 110 - how long did your Eolys fluid last?


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Hi Guys,

Long time no post, hope all is well here. I wanted to what mileage everyone got to with the same car as me, before having to get the Eolys fluid topped up. I had mine topped up at 37k miles, and now at 88k the Engine Malfunction has come on (straight after fuelling up), with Forscan showing Eolys fluid empty. Car is running fine and isn't in limp mode (yet!).

I've heard anecdotal evidence of people getting to 80k miles without even realising they needed this fluid, so I'm a little surprised to be needing a top up after 50k if this is the case. As such, I'm wondering if they didn't reset the counter when they refilled it at 37k. I only ever put full tanks of diesel in as I hate going to the petrol station so aim to do it as little as possible - I understand this should, if anything, prolong the life of the fluid as the car is being refuelled less compared to someone putting a tenner in at once and the Eolys dosing every time.

I'm most likely going to refill it myself (been under it and seen the little tank/connectors), and can reset myself using Forscan - excellent piece of software and works great with my cheap Chinese bluetooth OBD2 adaptor. Did have to install Windows on my MacBook though :(

So - TLDR - what mileage did you get to before you needed to top up the Eolys fluid on your 1.6 TDCI (110)?

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