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MK6 ST - Strange sound at biting point (Sound)


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Hello people,

For a little while now I appear to be hearing this really strange low pitch humming / rubbing sound when pulling off / when the clutch is raised to the biting point.

The sound occurs mostly in first gear, but does also happen when going through the gears (I.e  letting out the clutch when changing from 2nd to 3rd etc..). The sound only seems to occur when I raise the clutch to the biting point.

The odd thing is, the sound does not occur all the time, some days it will be constantly happening when pulling off, other days it may occur a few times or even not at all.

I've had it looked at, but they cannot seem to diagnose the issue obviously without stripping the car. The sound does not seem to be affecting performance, as the clutch has been tested for slippage and it came back fine. 🤔

I have a link to a video that I captured of the noise (Sound occurs around 0:03 of the video)

What do you people think? 🧐 Any help would be appreciate.



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