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2005 1.4 duratec petrol no start after car warmed up


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Hi, car was used this morning started normally from cold. Dropped daughter off at school returned to car and it took longer than normal to start, just over a second rather than normal straight on the key. Missus returned from the school run and parked up but was slightly wrongly parked so tried to restart and it just cranked and would not start. Car was left for 20mins and then started fine. Got her to take it out for another 10 mile drive and same thing happened on switch off ie no start but cranking. No CEL present. Got codes read  and had the following that were cleared apparently living just one code something like OBDII cycle not completed.

U2510  Can Invalid data for vehicle security permanent

U0155 Can data from hybrid Electronic Cluster module not received by tcm permanent

P0500 Vehicle speed sensor input error signal implausible or missing

P2107 Power train control Module

P2107 Power train control module

96811 Unkown fault code

P0562 Power train control module


It has been run for another 20 miles and it has not totally failed to start again although missus reckons cranking longer than normal. She took it back for a code read and there are 9 fault codes





but the rest are further down on the page from the photo of what was displayed on the fault list :-(


Thanks in advance





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Sorted changed battery! Confirmed by having the fault happen and putting a jump start on then it would start. So guess is internal fault on battery high resistance when warm. When cranking was only getting 8.4v which was causing comms errors. Cleared codes just left with one that is ODDII cycle not complete, need to take it for a run. Previously the codes were coming straight back


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