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2018 ST Line X suspension


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This, I suspect, may be a stupid question but bear with me because I really don't know the answer! I currently have a focus Titanium X which has 17" wheels and I'm looking at the new Focus ST Line X which has 18" wheels. I live in an area with many fairly large speed bumps and my question is whether the lowered suspension on the ST Line X makes it likely it could bottom out on the more severe speed bumps. The speed bumps have not been a problem with my current car.

The facts, as far as I can find, are: according to the Evo review of the current ST it's suspension is 10mm lower than the non sport mkiii Focus, the Autocar review of the non sport mkIV Focus says the suspension on that 15mm lower than the equivalent mkiii model and the Ford brochure says that the mk IV ST Line has a lowered suspension, some reviews mention 10mm. So by my reasoning overall a mkIV ST Line will be 25mm lower than my current Focus and if I've got it right 15mm lower than the existing Focus ST.   I have no idea whether I've got these calculation right or how significant 15mm is?


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