Fog Light Not working

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I cannot seem to find anyone that had this issue  , ok here goes :


I took the fusion 2003 for an MOT yesterday , it failed because of the rear fog  light is not working ( I believe its the only fog light on my model ) , at some point water had got to the contacts and possibly caused the problem 

It transpired that the bulb is fine and the fuse is fine (tested bulb in another hole) . I put a  fluke meter on the bulb contacts and on the wire terminal of  for the fog , there is no voltage going to it .   

The fog light indicator works on the dash , if  I take out the fuse , the light goes out .  I assume the fog light must be on a relay , yet there is no 'click'  so maybe relay is faulty ? However according to this page from the Haynes manual here , there is no fog relay 

Can anyone help? Perhaps there are wiring diagrams available for this 

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Forget it , the MOT garage got the lights wrong , they said the nearside foglight weren't working , it transpired this is the reverse light - doh 

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