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Reverse light hell problems.


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Hi again thanks for you ongoing help I have just replaced the reverse light switch on my 1.8tdci 2008 plate focus tested the reverse lights before putting the new switch in just plugged it in and pushed the switch in and all works fine then I screwed it in the gearbox and when I engage reverse it don't always engage the reverse light.

It did this with the old switch too what I have to do is pull the gearstick right down when in reverse and hold it there and all is well only trouble is only got 1 hand on the wheel LOL any ideas it's like the gearbox reverse selector is worn out etc. And not fully engaging the switch (pushing it in all the way)


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Did you screw it in far enough or maybe there is a rubber seal that is too thick or not compressible enough?  When I changed mine I had the opposite problem that it screwed in too far and blocked the selector from engaging so I had to unwind it slightly to stop it blocking.

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A friend of mine had a similar problem a while ago and it turned out that  he had two washers on switch so it was not protruding into gearbox far enough! Original washer must have stuck on gearbox when he changed the switch? Just a thought???



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