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Dipped Beam DRL - FoCCCus


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I have activated the dipped beam DRL on my Focus mk3 using FoCCCus.  This is with the following parameters:

15 - Headlamps: Not Set

16 - DRL: Always headlights

17 - Dimmed Dipped Headlights - Dimmed dipped headlights

I have noticed that item 15 can be set to "Always dipped light except in pos P" but this appears to make no change to the headlight / DRL function?

Does anyone know if the headlights in my current configuration will run at reduced intensity until in headlight mode (by manual switch or the auto setting) and then go full brightness?

Is there a setting combination which means that the headlights stay on with auto but if I change to completely off the headlights will still go off? (like some cars from the same period)


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Correction to my above post.  The headlights are in a dimmed state once the engine is running until they are switched to headlight.  If the engine is not running then there is no difference.

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