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2014 ecoboost lost all coolant


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So I have always had a tiny loss of coolant on the car, so asked on here and someone suggested it was probably a weep from the water pump and that they often do this.  Anyway it was very little approximatly 500ml overall year.  A month ago I filled up the header tank, but this morning I did a short 3 mile trip on the way back(meters from home) I realised the heater hadn't come on. I checked when I got back and realised I had no coolant.  I let it cool for a while, then I filled it up. Started the car up it doesnt sound or seem to have any issues.  

What's the likelihood of any serious long term damage being done ?.  I'll take it across to the garage 2 miles away when it opens on Monday....

I don't want to take it to a dealer as it will cost the moon.  

My car has always had the EPDM degas hose.  So I guess I wouldn't be covered by ford?


Let me know any advice 

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hi im a newbee to the forum and not mechanically minded at all, so go easy on me . i had a leak from the coolant  system but from a plastic disc shape washer from deep in  the engine no idea what its called but my mechanic [good guy]  had to dig deep to get to it and when he did he needed a specialised tool kit [£250] to get the plastic washer looking thing out , a nightmare of a job just for a washer!! cost £400 to replace which he now says will be charging double as i was his guinea pig for this job

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