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CODE P0403 Please help

Peter K

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Hello    I  had before code P0299  which  was solinoid valve I change that  went to diagnostic  and mechanic told me that  there be   a problem  with EGR Valve . 3 weeks Prior  On motoway  I was doing 70 Miles  and   I lost power and on  hil  it was going down  to 65 -60 miles  ,  Difficuilt  to go  to hill  ,  So  I  took  out EGR valve decide to clean it , but on the side there  was a  hole . Something  was  rubbing   to  metal  EGR valve . So I  bought New   one  cheapes   one in  eBay .  And it  give me these  other code P0403  which  I   looked that it is problev  with Circuit    it can be  connection   , or faulty EGR valve it self .  I  wen to  another mechanik  for diagnostic  and he didn't give me  any prop info . So should I buy  another EGR valve   with 1 Year warrenty and change  it ? It give   Check  Engine light  on the board and when driving  on motorway  when  it is  hill  it strugle. SO if I ma doing 70 Miles it will  go  lower depend  on hill  graduent .

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