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Clutch slipping in first when cold


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I have an issue with what feels like clutch slip when pulling away when the engine's cold, particularly first thing in the morning. It's worse if I'm pulling away on an incline and I have to give it more revs. The strange thing is, within 5-10 minutes it's fine.

It's a 6 spd manual 2017 model. I have checked the Etis site for the clutch software update recall, but there's nothing on there, I think my model was built after the affected ones (March 2017)

I've read some stuff online about possible condensation on the DMF, but I'm also wondering if it could be grease/oil leaking?

It's due to go into Ford in a couple of weeks for a different issue, so might ask them, but it's going to be hard to replicate unless they have it for a couple of days and drive it first thing.

Anyone experience similar

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