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Help!! No airbag light & seatbelt light stays on


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Hello, first post, was a member years ago when I had my mk3 RST and Escort cossie but left the scene.

Anyway, purchased a m2 Focus ST from a mate but its got a few issues, this being the most urgent to.get fixed.

The seatbelt light comes on at ignition amd stays on (no chimes) but I noticed that the airbag light didnt come on so carried out the gauge sweep and led test, all lights cone on EXCEPT the airbag light...

I dug out my old mscan/hscan obd cable and downloaded both elmconfig and forscan. While using elmconfig I can access all modules except the RCM module (restraints control module), all I get is NO data error, tried forscan and that doesnt even fond the RCM module. I had a quick search for it amd found the module under the handbrake but never had time to fully inspect the cables but im thinking if the module was faulty I.woulld get a dtc error but I dont, I have one for a communications error for the instrument cluster though.

Could the problem be the cluster? 

m really not sure where to start looking, I tried chamging the fuse but made no difference. When my mate had it the battery fully discharged due to a light being left on.


Any help or pointers would be appreciated.



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