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MK2 Steering thud / tight spot


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Hi guys,

Just bought myself a 54 plate Focus, I love the car already, bar this one weird fault.

With the steering at 0 degrees, and the ignition off I get a bit of resistance to turning the wheel. It's like a tight spot, and it requires a bit of force to get past, once I'm past it the steering is absolutely fine. It's much worse when turning to the right, but it's present turning to the left also. It doesn't happen when changing direction at any other angle, for example turning 90 degrees to the left then turning right, only turning from 0. I've done a good bit of research and most things point towards the rack, a couple of friends have suggested the same too. Is there anything worth looking at before diving into such an expense?

Further, this video from another model shows exactly what is happening:

Also, I'm thinking of getting a used rack just to prove/disprove the rack idea, then replacing the used one with a new one if it fails, in which case is the following a correct fit?


I have a 2005 Focus Zetec 2.0 Petrol with EPS (I think, based on having steering settings in the menu).


Many thanks guys, Michael.

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With it being a 54 plate I am assuming it's a mk1.5.  My old mk1.5 had this issue when it got older but only on a cold morning it was fine when the engine warmed up.  I would try changing the power steering fluid first as this might help.  Failing that you will need to change the rack.  Personally I would live it unless it fails the mot.  But try a fluid change first.

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