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MK3 Focus new owner questions (1.5TDCI)


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Hi everyone, 

Hoping for some pointers and advice from you all. I have a 2016 1.5 TDCI hatch, Zetec S. I'm not 100% sure of any 'packs' that he has come with but its missing the following and I was wondering what your advice would be. 

Rear glass tinted (have been quoted £140 for film tints but I hear that the glass tint itself is better?)

Rear camera - ideally one that links to the Sync 2 and one that could incorporate dash cam too. Not sure if this is possible.

Front and rear parking sensors (I'll probably go with Ford fitting but they aren't flush and look out of place, so suggestions on alternatives would be useful).

Heated wing mirrors, or can these be upgraded to puddle lights too without too much effort?

Non-illuminating door sill protectors, which ones are best (not the tape that you apply, but metal self adhesive strips, preferably in black as the car is magnetic).

Improved / wider reverse mirror that replaces the stock unit (perhaps with camera connection).

Does anyone have pictures of upgraded reverse lights? I've swapped mine for 25W LED's but don't feel they are much brighter, more white though. If I were to tint then I'd be more comfortable with said camera / parking sensors to help. 

Many thanks in advance, and hope this isn't too many questions for a single post. 

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It will be quite expensive to have those items retrofitted now unfortunately.

1. Privacy glass - tinted glass is far more robust but would cost daft amounts to change, film is really the only way to go for a retrofit, your quote sounds about right.

2. Probably easiest to buy an aftermarket rear camera along with the wider rear view mirror, I would think some come with a dashcam feature as well.

3. Parking sensors aren't difficult if you just want audible sensors, Ford sell an aftermarket kit for a reasonable price.

4. The wing mirrors are already heated.  But only the powerfolding mirrors come with puddle lights, so a very expensive upgrade.

5. Not sure what you mean, I thought they all came with silver sill protectors?

6. See 2.


The packs when new would have been convenience pack (includes powerfold mirrors and front & rear sensors with park assist) and appearance pack (rear privacy glass plus a choice of 2 sets of upgrade alloys).

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Thanks for comments. I didn't notice the mirrors heating the other morning, normally they would have removed the light few that was present on other cars. 

The sills are not present on this car. It's 'bare' paintwork. 

Rear camera combo sounds like an option. Have been cheated on Chinese goods of late so will keep an eye on forums for good brand that does the above. 

What about alloy wheel protection? Does anyone rate gators or rimblades for functionality? 

And has anyone added any rubber strips to the door edges (along bottom edge and up side to rear facing edge of door)? Mine are chipped so want to cover and protect. 

Many thanks. 

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Hi Phil

Alloy Wheel protectors I.M.O. are a waste of money & look a bugger, as the wheel collects more crud. I can recommend tyres that have bump protectors (that's a small un-obtrusive lip), these are the way to go. My alloys are close curb rims too, which look ok but have the disadvantage of near scrapes with high kerb-stones. There are a few brands of tyres that have these bump/wheel protectors built-in you just have to shop around, it's a very personal choice. You can PM me if you need any useful web-links to learn what's best for your car & how you drive it. PS I'm not in the tyre industry but I know a fair bit about them.

Cheers BarryT

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