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aux 2 ?


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on my old radio (the original from june 2007) I believe it has two aux inputs....   the factory one (which goes to the plug by the glovebox where fitted and an unused one....)  when I connected up an eBay special to the aux that had nothing attached on the quad lock connection, I couldn't get any sound out of the port.  Hunting about I found if you press the on off button for 15 seconds it forces the unit to reboot, where upon aux on that cable worked straight away and remained OK for more than a year

now with the 6 disc sony DAB unit in the car, that cable although I connected it didn't want to work.... I was wondering if this has 2 aux ins as well ? and if so how do you switch it. 

Today I did get the unit to reboot and now that port does something …. a rather weak crackly sound I thought was noise... but when I wound up the phone and the radio it works.  If you used 26 or more on the radio you can cover up most of the noise but its a little odd as I already have a ground loop on that input.  Seems to me more like its not really connected right inside the head unit as it was rather random and dropped out a few times, but came back to life each time as I beat up the phone

I have read here people saying the BT box can get noise so maybe some link... but I was using a simple BT kinovo thing.  any ideas and did they have 2 aux ins?


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