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1.6 ecoboost engine malfunction


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Hi All

I have had the dreaded engine malfunction - service now light come on my 2012 focus 1.6 ecoboost, and it will not go off.

I lifted the bonnet and noticed the coolant was below minimum - unsurprising for these engines. I topped it up thinking this will solve it as it may have been the coolant sensor as I had fitted by ford.

However the message is still there. it clears when I stop and comes back on when i restart and drive a little. Interestingly the automatic stop start will not turn on, it is permanently off, maybe this is a safety feature when this message turns up.

Does anyone have any experience with this message? I have convinced myself the message is sort of stuck on until the fault code is cleared by ford, as the coolant level was way way down and I am surprised i didnt get a message sooner. when i turn the power on the little 'A' symbol is a healthy green, not grey.

The car drives perfectly fine, other than the auto stop start and the annoying message on start up.


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34 minutes ago, F0CUE said:

If the coolant was below minimum I would check the piping where it meets a t shaped part and check for leaks as these are weak. 

A good Shout, thanks. I must of lost 100-200ml over a month

The car is with the stealers today to see if they can find the problem. if they do I will post the error code and their solution as I am unable to find anyone else with this issue

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Ok Little update

I took it to fords and they nearly fell over as my particular vehicle has had a fair few modifcations inside and out.

In order to find out what triggered the code(s) they want nearly £1000 to remove all the fancy stuff and but standard ford bits back on XD

Their theory is its the air system, Mass air flow sensor, MAP sensor, my performance air filter, any number of these could be throwing it.

Think I will go buy my own code reader and remove the codes myself when they flag up again.


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I spoke with the work shop manager and he said that the aftermarket bits may have thrown the ecu into a frenzy as they are very sensitive to the signals sent by certain sensors.

He suggested leaving it until actual symptoms occur. The engine light hasn't come back on since last Tuesday now.

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