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Focus Mk3 2.0 TDCI poor performance

Daddy Nev

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Hi all,

I have a nice 2013 2.0 Tdci 163. Well it was nice until a few weeks ago when it just seemed to be reduced in performance. So as a techy guy, I've checked all the usual things and changed a few things as listed below.


EGR - Blanked off, Inlet pipes - sealed no leaks, Air filter - K&N clean and nice, Fuel filter - changed genuine ford, Intercooler - no leaks, Exhaust - no leaks, DPF pipes etc - all in place no damage, MAF sensor - cleaned ok, Mass airflow sensor - checked ok. oil - changed 6k ago. Turbo - boosting good no leaks flex pipes go hard and expand ok.

Now there are no issues on any of the above that I can see or find nor is there any DTC's stored or any MIL on the dash. The car is just slow and sluggish compared to what it was. Diesel used is BP Ultimate and was run with injector and fuel system cleaner two weeks ago. Now the only thing I can think of is the quick temperature drop in air temp. Its an average of 8 degrees now and when it was running really well it was an average 18 degrees. The wife uses it on short runs a lot currently so yesterday a static regen was done but failed on the ELMConfig computer with run too long error. It ran for 25 mins at 2750rpm.

So I'm a little lost and looking for help please....


Daddy Nev

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