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Hello from John


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Hello my name is John and I joined about a month ago and have been rather busy of late. My last car was a VW Passat 1.8 T which I had owned since 2003 and a Series 5 BMW e39 3 litre diesel.  Both have gone now and I have replaced them with a Mark IV Mondeo 2.0l ecoboost, with powershift in Moondust Silver metallic. I am enjoying the Mondeo and think that the drive and comfort is as good as the BMW and much better than the VW!

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Hi, how are you finding the powershift? I was all set to buy a late 2016 Mondeo 2.0 TDI (14,000 miles in clock and with a Ford Maindealer) with the powershift system but was put off by a number of mixed reports on its reliability and longevity. 

I understand that the system needs to have an oil change and filters every 36 months and this costs around £250-£300 from a main dealer which isn’t a problem. 

However if it’s temperamental and suffers with high failure rates then it’s not going to be an option. Any thoughts and experiences thus far would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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