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Are there any Automatics that are not Powershift post 2013


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I would like my next car to be a Ford Focus or possibly a Fiesta and I love my current Automatic.

I have been reading about a lot of problems with the Powershift models.

Do either the Focus or Fiesta automatic come with the old style Auto gearbox from 2013 onwards?

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Thanks for the replies.

I am looking to buy a 2013-2015 model so the MK 4 is out for me and I was unable to find any of the MK3.5 1.5 ECOboost on Autotrader.

I  am also reading a lot of bad reports on the ECOboost engines so would prefer another Zetec engine.

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I believe the 2014-on facelift model (the Mk 3.5) only uses torque converter autos on the petrol engines. I have a 182PS ecoboost six speed auto which I initially found noisy when the turbo kicked in but has now turned into a much quieter and very enjoyable drive. No, I don't understand either.

The same transmission is available on the less powerful engines. The transmission on the Mk 4 is eight speed which some people on here recommend highly.

If you're in doubt as to what transmission is in any given car you can check by putting the VIN into my owned vehicle on the Ford website. The six speed torque converter should show up as:

"Transmission - 6 speed automatic 6F - Mid-range".

I don't know what a Powershift would show up as.

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Thank-you for the information, I would like to use the VIN check but was unable to find it on the UK Ford website.

Entering 'my owned vehicle' into the search box draws a blank too.

Could you please direct me to that page?

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I can't, I'm afraid. I can't find it either.

The screen shot I have which shows the info is dated December 2016. I suspect that what I was using then has now been superseded by Ford Pass. Whether or not you could register for that..........

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