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Vauxhall 3, Ford 0


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But it's nothing to brag about!

In the Top 10 list of most unreliable cars Vauxhall have 3 entries!



However, in the list for most reliable, Ford have 3 entries but Vauxhall have none! 😎



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Vauxhalls I'd stay clear of as I've experienced really bad faults with them. My dad's friend's 04 Corsa 1.4 began to suffer from a headgasket leak and that's at 59k miles!!

Another one of his friends bought a newer one which was modified and took it to my dad as he heard the engine wasn't running right. Found that one of the cylinders seems to not fire properly plus someone taped the engine light so you can't see its on. He took it back to the guy who fixed it however the problem came back and it needs a new engine. Should of just refunded it. 

My grandad used to drive a insignia before he had gearbox issues which costed £1000. Something he'd do is change gears from reverse to drive whilst the car is moving. Sadly not long after getting it fixed he wrote it off.

I would of thought there might be one ford as there are many about. 

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Nothing new there, Japanese cars are still the most reliable.

Liked one of the comments posted on the mail article.

I've got an old Theresa May. It's got a winey sound when it's started, difficult to reverse and impossible to turn around. It's got toxic emissions and only came in one colour, blue with stars on it. Mind it was designed in Germany and only cost £39 billion so it must be a good car.

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Nothing new with Vauxhalls as i had a  corsa C and a corsa D and the stupid problems i had in the first 12 months was mad,petrol gauge stuck/oil leaks/drive shaft leak.

A lot more,this fiesta i have now 1.6 Ti-vct   2011 Titanium not one problem in just over 4 years.

And to add to it ford fiesta are still the top seller so more cars on the road so that speaks for itself.

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