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Luxury passenger foot bath?

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Hi All, 

I was having a leak problem with my sunroof but a friend helped me remove part of the trim and head liner and reattach the drain that had come lose; Now I've a v impressive body of water in the footwell on the passenger side. 


Well I've removed the head liner and checked that nothing has come loose and everything looks ok but when I used a metal snake to check for blockages and to find out where the pipe is supposed to exit I heard it scrapping about inside around the bonnet release and with a bit of groping I found the end. there it is sticking out in the picture below. 


So what do I do next?

I bought the haynes manual for the fusion and it's useless with just a line or two the say sunroofs are too tricky to deal with.

has anyone got any diagrams of the drainage system? or pictures of where the drains are supposed to exit? then I might be able to pull them back out of the car.

how many drains are there for the sunroof ? some say 1, 2, or 4 and I find the sunroof too fiddly to properly explore.

What is a better manual than the haynes? what is the proper name for the black & white stripped pipe that the water goes through?  where do the pipes come out? do I have to remove the carpet to dry everything out?if I cover my sun roof with duct tape will that ruin the paint?

Is this a common thing with fords?

Any way thanks for reading more pictures available if you like.




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I've seen that some fords have the drain exit out of a hole in the door, could that be why I can't find where the pipe is supposed to go?


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I don't know how much you value your car and how much you care about sorting it properly.

If it was mine I might be tempted to:

a) drill holes through the floor to let water out.  I have done this with a few cars over the years where they had lakes in them. My sierra had water up to the door bottoms.

b) seal up the sunroof permanently with silicon bathroom sealant.

I do appreciate that some owners may treasure their cars more and not be keen on this.

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I have recently just cleared the blockage I had that caused my passenger foot sill to fill with water. It had been like this for a year. Not sure if this will solve your problem but its worth a try as it only takes 15 minutes.

The water drains through that internal metal door trim just under the electrical wires on the picture you show and exits through a small rectangular hole under the car. you can find it by following where the two external plastic trim meet (where you can remove the plastic jacking point bit). Follow that round and you'll feel a metal edge. feel for a rectangular hole (as seen in pic)and stick a small screwdriver up it and wiggle it about to clear all the dirt and small bits of rust. To see if its cleared pour water down the hole on the internal metal trim door (I suggest you use a funnel as I did) and watch that the same amount of water comes out straight away , if it just drips when you put a lot of water down try again to clear it as its a big hole it should clear the same amount of water going in. 

Hope this helps. I can give you more pics if you need.1396788425_IMG_0251(2).thumb.JPG.6d2b53ad55135674ee46f2a0d20e5e57.JPG

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