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I have a 2008 1.6 TDCI. Had a load of DPF issues since buying used 7 months ago.

Initially, had limp mode and engine management early after buying. Dealer changed DPF fluid and it went fine for 2 months. Happened again and called Green flag out. They reset the code, i put some probably 'snake oil' DPF cleaner in the fuel tank and ran it through at high revs. Went away form another few months.

Has returned again, but this time the code deletes, and the engine management light goes off but 'engine malfunction' stays and it wont come out of limp mode. The code is the DPF / Ash accumulation. Any ideas why it will not turn off. I cant get any revs up to try to force a regen.

Has anyone used a flushing service and would you recommend it?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. 

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Mileage is just over 70k. My daily commute has an 8 mile stretch at 70mph there and back. I also do a weekly 200 mile round trip along the motorway. 

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The DPF on the 2008 is an absolute nightmare as it uses the eloys fluid so make sure that hasn't run out too after you get the DPF sorted otherwise it'll just block up again very quickly.

Plus you've got the 1.6 TDCi, these engines need regular oil changes of about 6000 miles and not the service book's 12500 to keep them in good running order. Learned the hard way with my engine.

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