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Turbo - Oil Leak around Exhaust


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I have recently had my car looked at for one thing or another, and all seems fine now on those particular items.

However...The garage did pick up on, and I quote, 'oil leaking out of joint between turbocharger and exhaust system'. I spoke to him when I picked it up and he said it was wall to wall. He said the likely situation is, the bearing seals are passing.

I don't know a lot about the potential issues this could cause. The turbo works perfectly fine for the moment, engine oil level is acceptable.

What would you do?

engine is 1.6 Ecoboost

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Can't say I've seen it being a common issue on these engines but turbo seals do fail so it's not impossible.  A slight weep into the exhaust side won't do much harm, but will probably put the emissions out of tolerance for MOT. 

The main potential issue is that the seal suddenly lets go and dumps a large amount of oil into the exhaust, lack of lubrication in the engine could cause internal engine issues and the oil will ruin the cat converter.  I'd get a second opinion on whether it definitely is oil leaking from there personally.

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